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More than just another job

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Job Seekers

We advise and offer job placement for maritime personnel with temporary and permanent jobs. We specialize in deck, engine room, wheelhouse, all areas of offshore, inland and shore side, as well as specialized positions.  We do not charge you fees. You are hired directly and paid directly by the company without interference from our agency. We are not a staffing company that hires mariners to work for 32 Points Manning, LLC. Therefore, we don't require the company to pay a huge buyout in order for a mariner to become a permanent hire. 


We offer mariners consultation if needed: (i.e., market and sector analysis, advice on transferring to different sectors, USCG licensing direction, NMC warnings, resume work, and job placement). We will do the footwork for you so you do not have to spend time searching, reviewing and maintaining contacts. And it doesn't cost you anything. We use our connections that have taken years to build to uncover all of the jobs out there so that you always have options, and you always have your finger on the pulse of the market even if you find a job via another means. 


Once you join our database you will have access to all of our job orders. We will email most of them, We do not publish all of our job orders due to NDA's (i.e., Celebrity clients, Government security requirements, or if a company needs to discreetly replace a current employee, etc...). You will notice our job orders are transparent, including expected pay, benefits information, and details, instead of vague promises. If you see a job order you are interested in just let us know. We will submit your profile to the potential employer. Then, once you are approved to interview we will reveal the company name, vessel specs, whatever is needed, and you can choose to interview or not.  Our database of mariners, that's you, decide what types of jobs we publish. Diversity and uniqueness is our standard. We deal in quality, not quantity. However, we are currently expanding as we push ahead with the development of Government contracting ability, vessel delivery service, and new areas of technology.

There is no rush. no pressure and NO OBLIGATION by submitting your intake form and documents to be a part of our database to see what we offer. We do nothing without your permission and keep all information completely confidential.  We do not require contracts nor will we ever ask for any of your banking information or social security number.


We take pride in our reputation. That’s why we believe in treating people the way you want to be treated.  It is imperative that nothing is hidden from us. As Buddha said, “Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon, and the truth.” Please understand that everyone gets vetted as fast as possible. We have to work together and trust each other to succeed. So that we can get you what you want please let us know what is most important to you. (Money, certain benefits, temp or perm, a specific rotation or vessel, or anything but this one thing..... ). You make the decisions. You have access to our staff. We promise to be honest and open with you. 

Submit your information to become a part of our database and gain access to Job Orders!

Click on the ONLINE INTAKE FORM to fill out an Intake form and attach your documents. These are the documents you need: (A Resume, All pages of your USCG license/credentials [MMC], Medical card, Passport, TWIC, any pertinent certifications that are not already stamped on your license {such as DPO, Crane Op, etc.}We highly recommend a letter of recommendation or an old performance evaluation).


  • You must possess a United States Coast Guard license/credentials to work with us unless we have told you otherwise.

  • Only US Citizens or those authorized to work in the U.S.

  • Ordinary Seaman must have previous experience unless you are a cadet at a maritime academy. We do not place entry level mariners at this time. ENTRY LEVEL Page coming soon with information on starting a maritime career.

  • IF YOU ARE HERE TO UPDATE YOUR PROFILE: you can email any information or documents to the following email address:

  • Please do not click on the link until you have all documents to attach and you are ready to fill out forms and complete the entire process at once. 

  •            Cooks and Chief Stewards fill out a special Intake form which you must request.

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