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Integrity Matters

About 32 Points Manning, LLC

Why choose our services

We break old methods of the maritime recruiting market by offering a unique paradigm. We are the most cost efficient option for recruiting talent without sacrificing quality. We offer direct placement recruiting, consulting, and vessel delivery services. We work with you by being flexible in order to meet your needs.

Our Team

We bring decades of experience not only in recruiting but in management, consulting and working aboard vessels. Our team has worked inland and offshore on vessels in the Wheelhouse, Engine Room, Deck, Galley and the shipyard. We understand your needs because we've been in your position.

Mission Statement

32 Points Manning, LLC will grow with the maritime industry to be the leading maritime placement agency in the United States by using a unique paradigm that exemplifies honesty, transparency and fairness. 

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We will  be happy to answer any questions and fill any orders.

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