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Honest and Reliable


32 Points Manning, LLC is an experienced maritime recruiting and consulting agency offering direct placement and staffing options with recruiters across the United States.  We have a unique business model that is transparent while cuttings excess expense and delivering quality. We are working with major U.S. maritime companies working across the world in most every sector with references available. We have in-depth experience in recruiting in a wide range of sectors such as Oil & Gas, tug and barge, Wind Energy, research, fishing, dredging, ROV/Dive Ops, military and government contracts. We specialize in vetting and providing high quality personnel to employers in a unique way without creating liability. Without a doubt we are the most cost efficient option available for direct placement as well as staffing.

We provide our services for a very reasonable low fee that is more cost efficient than any other traditional option without question. You avoid exorbitant costs and liability headaches while you maintain control of the people coming onto your vessel.


Direct Placement: We submit vetted profiles via email based on your specific needs, and stay out of the way of your hiring and payroll process. That's it. With our business model we are able to offer candidates to you without the need for companies to pay exorbitant and repetative rates with buyouts or hire candidates with marginal talent. We also guarantee our placements. 


Staffing: We use a unique paradign for staffing that creates fairness for all without the need for us to hire low quality mariners and without the need for a vessel owner or operator to worry about an unpredictable and inflated bottom line because our service is tranbsparent. We hide nothing because we tell the truth and we are proud of our decisons.


Our database of mariners want us to deliver a variety of options for work for a variety of tastes  with quality companies that want to see an exchange of respect. We do not pull from only the common talent pool from well-tread sources. We recruit directly, by actively pursuing passive candidates who rarely have the need to seek assistance. Our reputation for honesty and tenacity draw mariners to our database. We are always building our pipelines with maritime academies and schools as well as at the docks and conferences. We stay tapped into all internet traffic, job sites , social media, and services as well as current technology to remain relevant.  The mariners we hire for staffing will be well-paid and will be briefed on our belief system so that you get mariners who respect your vessel. We do not claim perfection, but we are honest abot everyone with which we work.

What makes our recruiters so different? We have designed a recuiting method that encourages recruiters to work together rather than compete to make a placement at all costs for extra incentives. Recruiters have a vested interest in the company and an extremely generous pay structure (after all, they are doing the work). This makes them see the client company as more than a paycheck. Our people have decades of experience working on vessels, training, inspecting and recruiting. Cultivating a close relationship with our mariners, we vet our personnel well enough to discuss the candidate on as personal of a level as possible. We go beyond a call to an HR department that is legally bound in what they can reveal about a former employee.


Our Profiles: Profiles include all USCG documentation, medical, certifications, passports, with letters of recommendation or performance evaluations that give you a better understanding of the talent you hire. Our Intake forms breakdown ability and background in a way that your HR department will find easier to understand no matter how deep their level of maritime experinece. We have accesss to not only traditional background checks and drug testing but also social media background screening.


We can accommodate any needs whether you are looking for permanent or temporary hires, and no matter how specialized.

We also offer consulting, vessel delivery, engineering projects among our many options. Our unique process is streamlined to give you cost control along the way. We are organized to meet the standards of  most government agencies. In 2021 we partnered with JP Maritime to deliver the M/V Jonathan Rozier from Pearl Harbor to Port Fourchon, Louisiana for Bordelon Marine.  We have the talent to handle jobs of a higher risk. Ultimately, we are flexible and willing to negotiate when appropriate.

Everything we do is completely confidential. Our unique design was built with your bottom line in mind. During the labor shortage you did not and will not see our prices soar to take advantage of companies in their hardest moments. We are transparent and honest in everything we do. I firmly believe that by doing business this way everyone involved benefits.

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