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If you are looking to begin your career on a vessel offshore, on the deep blue sea, or inland, working the rivers and canals, on a vessel or a platform on land, whether working domestic waters or foreign waters we can help provide the pathway to an exciting career.


What we do is provide the training and guidance to begin your career. Then, we give you the current hiring companies for free.


You begin with training to obtain the most commonly accepted basic requirements.

Vessels in the Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas sector: Start by obtaining your Merchant Mariners Credentials, (commonly referred to as your MMD), along with your TWIC card, (in short a Homeland Security background check), and your PEC SAFEGULF certification (covers all aspects of basic safety at sea). Most mariners start on deck or the galley with some choosing to proceed to the engine room or wheelhouse. Work is generally on a rotation such as 28 days on and 14 days off. Rates vary greatly aboard vessels. As of Spring 2018 starting rates are approximately between $120/day-$220/day.

Platforms in the Oil & Gas sector: Start by obtaining your PEC SAFEGULF/SAFELAND certification (covers all basic aspects of safety on a platform or rig), along with your TWIC card (in short, a Homeland Security background check). If you wish to work in deep water you will need a HUET certification (Helicopter Underwater Egress Training) since transport to work is via Helicopter. Most workers start out as UtilityHands, (General labor and hospitality), or GalleyHands, (working in the kitchen). Platforms are functioning cities. Therefore there are numerous positions to move into, depending on your desire and work ethic. Work is generally on a rotation such as 21 days on and 21 days off. As of Spring 2018 starting rates are approximately $875/week. (Those with cooking experience (from scratch) start at approximately $1000-$1200/week.


We suggest you start the process by obtaining your SAFEGULF/SAFELAND certification. When you attend the PEC class the Instructor will give you your TWIC information/application and offer assistance with obtaining your MMD if desired. 

We recommend you download our RESUME TEMPLATE to use at your interview. CLICK HERE

To learn more about PEC SAFEGULF/SAFELAND certification please CLICK HERE.

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