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32 Points Manning, LLC is an experienced Maritime Recruiting Agency servicing domestic United States and worldwide waters, specializing in crewing U.S. Flagged vessels. We work offshore, inland and shoreside, in all sectors such as tug and barge, military and government contracts, oil & gas, wind farms, scientific research, and fishing. We now offer recruiting for temporary or permanent positions. We perform vessel deliveries and consulting to include project management and shipyard periods to include conversions as well as an expansion into U.S. government contracts in 2023. Wind Farm Operations is one of our primary focus as we are on the forefront of this endevor.

We are creating our reputation by using a unique business model built on transparency, economic efficiency and honesty without creating liabilities.  We vet our mariners as well as client companies so that job seekers and hiring companies receive fair and comprehensive information to achieve their goals. We are the most cost effective option in the United States for crewing vessels without sacrificing quality.

  • Harbor & Offshore  Tugs



  • Shipping/Ro-Ro/Cargo

  • Lightering

  • Crew Boats/CTV

  • Liftboats/Jack-ups

  • Diesel Electric​

  • Shoreside/Shipyard

  • Military Vessels

  • Hybrids

  • SOV

  • Anchor Handling

  • Dive Support & ROV

  • Tankers & VLCC

  • Research/Survey/Seismic

  • Tankers

  • Dredging

  • Pushboats

  • Fishing

  • Inland/Offshore/Specialty

  • DP systems

  • Captains (Any Tonnage)

  • Mates

  • DPO's

  • MOT's

  • Chief Engineers

  • A/E's

  • DDE's

  • QMED's

  • Unlicensed Engineers

  • Security

  • Any Specialties

  • A/B

  • O/S

  • Offshore Welders

  • Crane Operators

  • Marine Electrcians

  • Port Captains

  • Port Engineers

  • Operation Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Tankerman PIC

  • Chief Steward/ OS Cooks

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