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32 Points Manning, LLC is an experienced U.S. based maritime agency servicing all domestic and worldwide waters, specializing in crewing U.S. Flagged vessels with U.S. Coast Guard credentialed and licensed mariners. We work offshore, inland, shoreside, and in all sectors. We now offer recruiting for temporary or permanent positions via direct placememnt as well as maritime staffing.  We are the alternative to traditional methods as we have a unique business model that emphasizes honesty, efficiency and transparency to deliver superior quality without exhorbitant costs. Our reputation speaks for itself.  We have continued our growth into government contracts in 2024. Wind Farm Operations is one of our primary focus areas as we intend to remain on the forefront of technological growth in all sectors of the maritme industry in the United States.

When a business is built on the foundations of empathy and a desire to understand what everyone at the table needs, an opportnity is created for businessses and mariners to interact with one another in a manner where nothing is hidden. The result is a cost-efficent service from which all involved can profit.  We aspire to excellence in the service we deliver by providing extra assurances in our working relationship. Bar none: We are the most cost effective option in the United States for crewing vessels without sacrificing quality. We can confidently handle your vessel delivery, Reflagging, Consulting, and any engineering projects you need. Our uncommon outlook on business comes from years spent at every angle in the maritime industry. Our staff has worked in and on the boats, from the dirtiest entry-level Ordinary Seaman to the Chief Engineer, From the front office to operations, and very importantly as a business owner trying to make ends meet. We understand because we have been there. 

  • Harbor & Offshore  Tugs



  • Shipping/Ro-Ro/Cargo

  • Lightering

  • Crew Boats/CTV

  • Liftboats/Jack-ups

  • Diesel Electric​

  • Shoreside/Shipyard

  • Military Vessels

  • Hybrids

  • SOV

  • Anchor Handling

  • Dive Support & ROV

  • Tankers & VLCC

  • Research/Survey/Seismic

  • HeavyLift

  • Dredging

  • Pushboats

  • Fishing

  • Inland/Offshore/Specialty

  • DP systems

  • Captains (Any Tonnage)

  • Mates

  • DPO's

  • MOT's

  • Chief Engineers

  • A/E's

  • DDE's

  • QMED's

  • Unlicensed Engineers

  • Security

  • Any Specialties

  • A/B

  • O/S

  • Offshore Welders

  • Crane Operators

  • Marine Electrcians

  • Port Captains

  • Port Engineers

  • Operation Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Tankerman PIC

  • Chief Steward/ OS Cooks



Employment Agency


Engineering Services


Inland Water Transport

Cargo Handling


Navigation Services Shipping


Other Support

Water Transporation


Executive Search 

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