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Currently, we are able to place experienced mariners only unless you are attending or previously attended a U.S. Maritime Academy. We highly recommend attending one of the Maritime Academies we have linked on this website. We recognize that not everyone has the ability to attend. However, there are other training options. One of our favorites is San Jacinto Maritime, which is linked below. We will be adding other links as we come across and vet them. Anyone or any institution linked on our website has our trust. For those of you just starting careers, check back as we will be adding a page with suggestions and information on finding your first Ordinary Seaman job.


San Jacinto Maritime for all of your training needs. Upgrading your license? Ready to be a QMED Oiler? Need that security endorsement to qualify for the new job?  Click on the image to get Maritime Program information.

San Jac Maritime Spring 2023 Career Fair 

April 19, 2023

We will see you there!

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